Studioglass in Sweden

Studio glass designates art glass that has been designed and produced outside the established glass factories by an artist in his own glass studio and glass furnace. The first studio glass artists emerged in Europe and the US during the 1960-ies and 70-ies. The pioneers were Erwin Esch (Germany), Dale Chihuly and Hervey Littleton (USA). In Sweden Åsa Brandt of Torshälla was the first to open her glass studio in 1970, followed by Ulla Forsell 1974 in Stockholm. Presently there are about 75 glass studios of different sizes and artistic level in Sweden.

The studio glass artists represented at Gallery Landborg are:

Åsa Brandt created the first studio glass work in Europe, in Torshälla, Sweden in 1968. She worked there until about 2005 when she retired. 

Ulla Forsell, starting her glass studio in 1974 and still working in it.

Ann Wolff (Wärff) was a designer for Kosta, in the 1960-ies, but moved in 1970 to her own studio where she worked with master glass blower Wilke Adolfsson. Since about 1990 she has been working on Gotland, in Kyllai and Visby. Here she makes the smaller and middle-sized cast sculptures, but the larger ones are cast in a factory in the Czech Republic.

Reino Björk worked first in Gothenburg and then moved to New York and the glass studio at Urban Glass. At returning to Sweden and Stockholm he is presently at the glass studio Konguro Art Glass.

Mårten Medbo has the studio in Kräklingbo on Gotland, together with Hanna Stahle. In the studio he makes the cold work on pieces blown and cut at Ajeto glass factory in the Czech Republic.

Gunilla Kihlgren has a glass studio, Konguro Art Glass, together with Rolf Svartström in Hägersten, Stockholm.

Klas-Göran Tinbäck was a designer at Kosta in the 1970-ies and 80-ies. He was also active at Målerås glass factory. He has a studio at Sturehof, close to Stockholm, where he is casting glass and making cold work on glass pieces that have been blown elsewhere, often by Wilke Adolfsson at his studio in Orrefors.

Annika Jarring is working in her own studio in Tingsryd, Småland.

Berti Johansson has her studio in Vadstena. Some of her glass pieces have been made at different glass places, such as Reijmyre glass factory, or at the studios of Salviati or Pauly in Murano. Italy. Others have been made at smaller glass studios, for example with Micke Johansson in Pukeberg and Örsjö, or with Ulf Johansson in Älghult, Småland.

Hans Frode makes his art glass in New York. Painting on flat glass is done in his studio at home, but casting of glass objects and production of neon tubes is done at Urban Glass, Brooklyn.

Tommy Bremberg has a studio in Eriksmåla, Småland, where fusing and casting can be done. His blown glass art has been done in Murano at the Berengo studio.






Art glass from this glassworks

Sculpture "Fruit bowl"
Hans Frode
Klas-Göran Tinbäck
Graal vase
Klas-Göran Tinbäck
Ulla Forsell
Sculpture "Lighthouse"
Mårten Medbo
Gunilla Kihlgren
Sculpture "Kobris"
Reino Björk
Sculpture "Stilleben"
Hans Frode
Sculpture "Mirror"
Gunilla Kihlgren
Scupture "Sepia III"
Anne Wolff (Wärff)
Chandelier in Venetian style
Berit Johansson
Annika Jarring
Bowl "Green cut"
Mårten Medbo
Plate,sandblasted pattern
Klas-Göran Tinbäck
Bowl, ”Someone is looking at me”,
Anne Wolff (Wärff)
Bowl, sandblasted pattern
Klas-Göran Tinbäck

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