Gullaskruf glass factory


The factory was founded in 1895 for window glass production. It was closed 1921 but re-opened in 1927 when William Stenberg bought the factory and in 1927 started to make glass in iron molds for household and decorative purposes. At its most active time during the 30-ies, about 2 million pieces were produced per year. Gullaskruf became known to the public through the Stockholm exhibition in 1930 and the glass started to be exported. The production included also technical glass, for example to the car industry. Gullaskruf also made glass for other design companies such as Svenskt Tenn, the well-known Hortus pot. Designers active at the factory were Hugo Gehling in the 30-ies and 40-ies, Arthus Percy and Kjell Blomberg in the 50-ies and 60-ies, and Catharina Åseöius-Lidbäck in the 60-ies.

The factory was bought by Orrefors and closed in 1983. 


Art glass from this glassworks

Kjell Blomberg

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