Berengo Studio


Berengo studio is situated on the island of Murano close to Venice in Italy. It represents one of the most innovative efforts to use glass as a medium of expression in contemporary art. During the 1980-ies and 90-ies the founder of the studio, Adriano Berengo, invited prominent artists to use glass in their artistic experiments. As a result of their collaborations with glass makers, many artists began to translate their generally pictorial or sculptural works into glass sculptures.

Berengo studio projects strives to liberate glass from the perception of glass being a simply functional or decorative material, and instead make glass a vibrant medium for use in contemporary art.

For more than 20 years more than 140 international artists have come to the Berengo furnace to create glass sculptures and make Berengo´s ambitious project real. With galleries in Venice, Murano and Tokyo, and with participation at international exhibitions and fairs, the glass from Berengo studio has found its way to public and private collections throughout the world. Berengo studio has also been arranging the exhibition “Glass Stress” connected with the Art Biennale of Venice in 2009 and 2011, exhibitions that have traveled to Stockholm, Riga, New York and Beirut. In 2012 Berengo studio arranged an exhibition called “Nine Rooms” for best known glass artist of Sweden, Bertil Vallien, in a palace in Venice. Other Swedish artists working at the Berengo studio are Bengt Lindström, Erik Dietman, Ernst Billgren, Henrik Allert, Lena Cronqvist, Marie-Louise Ekman. Internationally known artists working at Berengo studio are among others, Elvira Bach, James Coignad,Juan Ripolles, Kiki Kogelnik, Koen Vanmechelen, Luigi Benzoni, Pino Castagna, Ursula Huber. 

Art glass from this glassworks

Bowl "Graal"
Riccardo Liccata
Sculpture "Vibrazione musicale"
Silvio Vigliatura
Sculpture "Erntedank"
Elvira Bach
Sculpture "Mannequin"
James Coignard
Sculpture "Ego"
Ursula Huber
Sculpture "Walking eggs"
Koen Vanmechelen

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