Åfors glass factory

Åfors glass factory

Åfors was founded in 1876. It joined Boda in the 1940-ies under the leadership of Erik Rosén. The dominance of Åfors in art glass started in the 1960-ies when Bertil Vallien and later also Ulrika Hydman-Vallien came to the factory as designers. Bertil Vallien has created some of the best selling glass services, but is best known for his plates and bowls in over lay with sand blasted motives, and particularly for the large sand cast  sculptures created in the 1980-ies and forward. Bertil Vallien is our most renowned glass artist of recent times, together with Ann Wolff.

Ulrika Hydman-Vallien can be regarded as a multi talented artist who started with glass in the 1970-ies. He painted pieces in glass have caught the attention of a large audience worldwide. She has also made unique sculptural pieces in the shapes and motives that bear her mark.

The Åfors glass factory joined the Orrefors Kosta Boda in 1990 and the New Wave Group in 2005. In 2012 the Åfors glass factory was closed.

Art glass from this glassworks

Plate "Ikaros"
Bertil Vallien

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