Glassworks, swedish and international

Here you will find facts and information about glassworks in our glass gallery.

Åfors glass factory Åfors was founded in 1876. It joined Boda in the 1940-ies under the leadership of Erik Rosén. The dominance of Åfors in art glass started in the 1960-ies when Bertil Vallien and later also Ulrika Hydman-Vallien came to the factory as designers. Bertil Vallien has created some... Read more

  The Åhus studio glass was founded in 1977 by the designer Hanna Dreutler and the glass master Arthur Zirnsack. Glass in several techniques have been made, also in graal. Vicke Lindstrand was working at the hot shop during the 1970-ies.   Read more

Glass factory in Czechia with a long tradition of Boheme crystal and in later decades for the famous czech sculptural glass in casting, by artists such as Libensky and Brytchkova.      Read more

  Berengo studio is situated on the island of Murano close to Venice in Italy. It represents one of the most innovative efforts to use glass as a medium of expression in contemporary art. During the 1980-ies and 90-ies the founder of the studio, Adriano Berengo, invited prominent artists to... Read more

  The factory was in action 1917 – 1970. The productions was varied from larger decorative pieces to series of glass services. Edvin Ollers wasthe prominent designer during the 1920-ies and 30-ies, and his art glass was inspirited by the then flourishing Art Déco style.  Read more

  The factory opened in 1888, the production stopped in 1920 and was started again in 1930. Initially only window glass was made, but later also glass for armature was produced and during the 30-ies the factory was the most prominent in Europe in this field. Decorative glass was introduced... Read more

  The factory was founded in 1895 for window glass production. It was closed 1921 but re-opened in 1927 when William Stenberg bought the factory and in 1927 started to make glass in iron molds for household and decorative purposes. At its most active time during the 30-ies, about 2 million... Read more

  Kosta glass factory and Kosta Boda The Kosta glass factory was founded in 1742 by the county chancellors Anders Koskull and Georg Borgislaus Steal von Holstein. The fist glass blowers immigrated from Germany. The time of prominence for Kosta started at the end of the 1800-ies when the lead... Read more

  The factory was opened in 1905. In the 1950-ies Gunnar Ander was employed and he designed and developed table glass and art glass. In the 1970-ies Edvin Öhrström worked at the factory, and it at Lindshammar he had his important glass sculptures cast. When he won the competition for the... Read more

  Director Johan Ekman of Gothenburg acquired in 1913 the Orrefors factory and in 1914 began the production of crystal glass. The artist Simon Gate was employed in 1916 and one year later the artist Edward Hald joined the company. These two artists designed art glass as well as table glass.... Read more

The factory was opened in 1810 and it is the only glass factory outside the county of Småland that is still active. During the 1800-ies a large variety of every day glass was produced, but also some engraved glass. Blowing and pressing glass in iron molds was introduced early on. However, times... Read more

The factory started in 1933 by director Edvard Strömberg.he recruited glass master Knut Bergqvist from Orrefors and together with Greta Strömberg as a designer, important service and art glass was created during the 1930-ies and 40-ies. Later Asta Strömberg became leader and designer at the factory... Read more

Studio glass designates art glass that has been designed and produced outside the established glass factories by an artist in his own glass studio and glass furnace. The first studio glass artists emerged in Europe and the US during the 1960-ies and 70-ies. The pioneers were Erwin Esch (Germany),... Read more

Venini & Co was founded in 1925 by Paulo Venini. Already from the start he employed well known artists to design the art glass: first Napoleone Martinuzzi, later Carlo Scarpa, Tomasso Buzzi, Tyra Lundgren during the 20-ies and 30-ies, and during the 40-ies and 50-ies Gio Ponte. With Fulvio... Read more

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