Exhibition "Ölandscapes", art pieces in glass and neon by Hans Frode, July 25 - August 20, 2010


Hans Frode was born in 1951 in Västerås. He studied at Byam Shaw Art School in London. He has been working in New York since the 1980-ies and he has participated in the development of Urban Glass, situated in Brooklyn. At Urban Glass he learnt to work in neon and in pate de verre. His wall hanged sculptures consist of a framed glass plate with painted motive, and the picture is enforced by pate de verre applications of different shapes. The glass scuplture is illuminated frpm behind by a neon tube in different colors.

Hans Frode also created pure sculpture in pate de verre and neon, in the shape of fruit plates or even instruments, e.g. glass violins. 

Hans Frode is represented at Steuben Glass in New York: The Glass Museum in Ebeltoft, Denmark; Smålands Museum, Växjö, Sweden, Malmö Art Museum, Sweden, Musée des Arts Decoratifs de Lausanne, Switzerland; VIDA Museum, Öland, Sweden. He exhibits all over the world and regularly in Sweden at the Global Art Glass in Borgholm 1999 - 2005, at Hishult Art Gallery and the Swedisk Glass Museum, Växjö 2009. The summers Hans Frode spends in his house on Öland. 

Pictures from the exhibition are shown below.




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