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Sven Palmqvist

Sven Palmqvist, painter and glass designer, born 1906, died in 1984. He was working at the Orrefors glass factory in the period 1927 to 1972. He started in the drawing studio but soon became a designer of glass, and introduced several new techniques to the Orrefors art glass. Best known are the Kraka and Ravenna techniques. Kraka was developed in 1944 from the graal and ariel technique, with air bubbles and metal net creating patterns in the glass. Ravenna was introduced in 1948, a combination of a plate of colored glass covered by clear crystal. The largest public success was the mass produced series of bowls, Fuga, made by centrifugation of glass instead of blowing. Fuga was done in many sizes and colors, and became much appreciated at the exhibition in Helsingborg in 1955. 

Art glass from this designer

Vase, engraved
Sven Palmqvist

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