Riccardo Liccata

Riccardo Liccata was born in 1929 in Turino, Italy. He lives and works in Venice and Paris. 

Liccata studied at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia. He moved to Paris and became teacher at Gino Severini´s department of École d´art Italienne. He has created art in painting, sculpture, graphics, mosaic and glas, and also worked as a designer.

Liccata has exhibited internationally since 1951, and he has participated in the Art Biennale of Venice since 1952. He had a honorary retrospetive exhibition of his mosaic and glass at the Palazzo duccale in Venice in 2009. 

Liccata is very interested in modern music and the graphic signs that appear in his pictures and sculptures are inspired by music.

Liccata is represented at museums for modern art in Chicago, Milano, Florence, New York, Paris, Warshau, Stockkholm, Vienna, Venice.


Art glass from this designer

Bowl "Graal"
Riccardo Liccata

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