Edvin Örström

Edvin Öhrstrom was born in Halmstad in 1906. He died in Stockholm 1994.

Edvin Öhrstrom studied at the Technical School in Stockholm 1925 – 28 and sculpture at the Academy of Art in Stockholm 1928 – 31 with Carl Milles as teacher. He also studied in Paris in the 1930-ies for Charles Despiau and Ferdinand Leger.

Sculptures by Edvin Öhrstrom in stone and bronze are displayed in  many public place in Southern Sweden. He won a contest for a monument at the Sergel Place in Stockholm, that he called The Obelisk, and the 37,5 meter high structure was made of steel and 80 000 prisms produced at the Lindshammar Glass factory.

Edvin Öhrstrom was invited to Orrefors by Edward Hald, and he spent two months per year at the glass factory 1936 – 1957, where he contributed to the development of the Ariel technique. In the 1960-ies he developed at Lindshammar glass factory techniques for kiln produced glass sculptures in clear, gem like colors. 

Art glass from this designer

Sculpture "The sacrifice"
Edvin Örström

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