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Here you will find facts and information about designers in our glass gallery.
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Anna Ehrner was born 1948. She has worked as a designer of glass for Kosta Boda since 1974. The tableware called Line is one of the best selling glass sets at Kosta. Anna Ehrner has exhibited widely and she is represented at museums in Sweden.     Read more

Anne Nilsson studied ceramics and glass at the School of Arty and Design in Stockholm, 1973 – 75, California College of Arts and Crafts 1976. She has been working as a designer at Orrefors glass factory 1982 – 99, Kosta Boda 2001 – 05. She has designed both glass tableware and a... Read more

Ann Wolff was born in 1937 in Lübeck, Germany. She lives and works on Gotland, Sweden. She studied at Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Ulm, and came to Pukeberg Glass Factory, Sweden as designer in 1960, later at Kosta Boda. Since 1978 Ann Wolff has been working in her own studio, first in Transjö and... Read more

Annika Jarring was born 1967. She studied at the School of Art and design in Stockholm 1988 – 1992 and at Pilchuck in 1991. She started with blown glass but changed to work with glass fabrics made out of small pieces of flat glass connected with silicon and build them to three dimensional... Read more

Åsa Brandt was born in 1950. She started in 1968 the first studio glass work in Europe, in Torshälla, Sweden, where she lives. Åsa Brandt studied at the College of Art and Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm, Gerrit Rietveld Academie i Amsterdam and Royal College af Art i London. She is... Read more

Axel Enoch Boman lived berween 1875 and 1949. He was trained in engraving and worked at Kosta glass factory until 1903 and after that at Reijmyre glas factory. He engraved glass in the over lay technique of Gallé, after drawing by Boberg and Wallander. At both factories he made over lay glass after... Read more

Berit Johannson was born in Vadstena, Sweden, and she lives and works there. She trained at the College of Decorative Art (Konstfack) in Stockholm and she has also studied in Ebgland, Italy and the US.  The main part of her art glass is produced in collaboration with the Sjöhyttan studio and... Read more

Bertil Vallien was born in Stockholm 1938 and he studied at the School of Art and Design 1957 – 61. He travelled for studies in Mexico and the US 1961 – 63. He lives and has been working at the Åfors glass factory since 1963. During the 1960-ies he shared his time between ceramics and... Read more

Sipec was born in Prague in 1949. He lives in Vienna, Austria. He studied first at School for Arts and Craft in Prague, and continued with studies in architecture in Hamburg. He was appointed palace architect in Prague by president Vaclav Havel, and professor of design at University of Applied... Read more

Christer Chytraeus was born in 1985 in Lindås, Sweden. He studied at The School for art and design, ceramics and glass, and he received his Masters of Arts in 2010. He is working with sculpture in different material. He has exhibited glass sculptures at The Glassery in Stockholm in 2008 and 2013... Read more

Edvin Ollers lived 1889 – 1959. He was trained as an artist in painting, and he came as a designer to Kosta glass factory in 1917, where he created bowls and service glass in light green and blue colors. He is one of the artists that renewed Swedish glass. Between 1918 and 1924 he worked at... Read more

Edvin Öhrstrom was born in Halmstad in 1906. He died in Stockholm 1994. Edvin Öhrstrom studied at the Technical School in Stockholm 1925 – 28 and sculpture at the Academy of Art in Stockholm 1928 – 31 with Carl Milles as teacher. He also studied in Paris in the 1930-ies for Charles... Read more

Edward Hald was born 1883 and died in 1980. He studied painting in Sweden and in Paris, where he was a pupil of Matisse. He also worked as a designer in ceramics, before he was recruited as an artist in glass at Orrefors glass factory in 1917. He became together with Simon Gate the pioneer of... Read more

Elis Bergh lived 1881 – 1954. Bergh was an architect by training. He came first to Kosta glass factory for interior architecture, but returned a few years later and he was the artistic manager at Kosta glass factory from 1928 up to 1950. He was Kosta´s foremost artist and he designed a... Read more

Elvira Bach was born in Neuheim, Germany, in 1951. She lives and works in Berlin. She studied at the Hadamer School of Glass Art 1967 – 70, and at the Academy of Art in Berlin. She was invited to the Documenta VII Kassel in 1980. She works both as a painter and a sculptor. A central theme in... Read more

Erik Höglund (1932 – 1998) was born in Karlskrona. He studied at the School of Art and design in Stockholm and graphics with Harald Sahlberg. He was recruited as a designer to the Boda glass factory in 1953 and he worked there until 1973. Erik Höglund revolutionized Swedish glass in the 1950... Read more

Eva Englund as born in 1937 and died in 1998. She was trained at the School od Art and design in Stockholm. She is best known for the very advanced peices in graal that she made at Orrefors, particularly the vases and bowls with faces in glowing colors. She also designed the popular table glasses... Read more

Ewald Dahlskog was born in Stockholm 1894 and died in 1950. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Stockholm and traveled in France and Italy during the 1920-ies. In addition to painting he designed glass at the Kosta glass factory 1926 – 29, and ceramics at Bo Fajans in Gävle. He also designed... Read more

  Gerd Allert (1940 – 2010) was born in Gothenburg. She lived and worked in Skövde. She studied textile at the School of Crafts in Gothenburg 1960 - 64. Gerd Allert has been exhibiting regularly since 1980 at various places in Sweden, i.e. the Röhsska museum in Gothenburg, Borås Art... Read more

Göran Wärff was born 1933. He studied at the Art and Design School in Ulm, Germany. He was working as a designer at Pukeberg glass factory 1958 – 64. He joined Kosta Boda in 1974. He was also active in Australia and England for about a decade. Göran Wärff  has designed several sets of... Read more

Gun Lindblad was born 1954. She studied at the School of Art and Design in Stockholm and she worked as a designer at Kosta Boda 1982 – 87, at Glass studio Strömbergshyttan 1989-90 and at Bergdala glass factory 1995-96. She worked at Kosta Boda with strong colors, but also in crystal glass... Read more

Gunilla Kihlgren was born in Värmland, and she lives and works in Stockholm. She studied at the College of Art and Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm, at Pilchuck in the US and at the Glass School of Orrefors glas factory. She hes been teaching at College of Art and Design (Konstfack) and at the... Read more

Gunnar Cyrén was born 1931 in Gavle and died there in 2013. He was trained as a silver smith, but also worked in industrial design and glass. He has been a glass designer at Orrefors glass factory from 1959 and he first became known by his ”Popglass”, goblets in strong colors... Read more

Gunnel Sahlin was born 1954 and she studied at the School of Art and Design in Stockholm where she has been teaching as professor since 1999. She was working as a designer at Kosta Boda and at Åfors glass factory from 1986. Her themes have been from plants and fruit, e.g the glass service Frutteria... Read more

Hans Frode was born in 1951 in Västerås. He studied at Byam Shaw Art School in London. He has been working in New York since the 1980-ies and he has participated in the development of Urban Glass, situated in Brooklyn. At Urban Glass he learnt to work in neon and in pate de verre. His wall hanged... Read more


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