Annika Jarring / Studioglass in Sweden
Bowl and plate
Edward Hald / Orrefors glass factory
Bowl, ariel
Lars Hellsten / Orrefors glass factory
Decanter, engraved
Simon Gate / Orrefors glass factory

Welcome to the Landborg Gallery. Art glass and glass gallery.

Landborg Gallery in Vickleby has closed.

The gallery was open from 2004 to 2017 and did show handicraft, particularly art glass. At the summer exhibitions unique pieces of glass and ceramics by both Swedish and international artists were shown.

Landborg Gallery  is still existing on the internet and you are welcome to visit our webb gallery at

 Gun and Gunnar Lennerstrand



Åfors glass factory Åfors was founded in 1876. It joined Boda in the 1940-ies under the leadership of Erik Rosén. The dominance of Åfors in art glass started in the 1960-ies when Bertil Vallien and...


Edvin Öhrstrom was born in Halmstad in 1906. He died in Stockholm 1994. Edvin Öhrstrom studied at the Technical School in Stockholm 1925 – 28 and sculpture at the Academy of Art in Stockholm...


In the exhibition the following Swedish artists were represented: Tommy Bremberg, Kjell Engman, Ulla Forsell, Hans Frode, Ulrika Hydman-Vallien, Berit Johansson, Gunilla Kihlgren, Mårten Medbo,...

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