Gunnel Sahlin / Kosta Boda
Vase "Bull´s head"
Erik Höglund / Strömbergshyttan glass factory
Kjell Blomberg / Gullaskruf glass factory
Vase, engraved
Vicke Lindstrand / Kosta Boda

Welcome to the Landborg Gallery. Art glass and glass gallery.

Landborg Gallery is situated in Vickleby on the island of Öland. From the gallery on the ledge there is a magnificent view over the fields of the Mörbylånga valley, the straits and town of Kalmar, and the Öland bridge.

Landborg Gallery opened in 2004 and has  presented crafts and art, particularly art glass. Unique pieces of art glass and ceramics by mainly Swedish artists are shown at the exhibitions. A collection of both older and contemporary art glass is also exhibited. The exhibitions are open in summer time, mainly during July. Visits to the gallery at other times of the year can be arranged after contact by phone or email.
Gun and Gunnar Lennerstrand


  The factory was founded in 1895 for window glass production. It was closed 1921 but re-opened in 1927 when William Stenberg bought the factory and in 1927 started to make glass in iron molds...


Nils Landberg lived 1907 – 1991. He started in the studio of drawing at the Orrefors glass factory in 1924 with Simon Gate and Edward Hald. Later he became a designer and his best known works...


Gunilla Kihlgren wa born in 1960 in Stöllet, Sweden, and she lives and works in Stockholm. She studied at the School of Art and Craft in Stockholm, the Pilchuck glass works in the US, and the...

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