Sculpture "Erntedank"
Elvira Bach / Berengo Studio
Sculpture "Lighthouse"
Mårten Medbo / Studioglass in Sweden
Sculpture "Ego"
Ursula Huber / Berengo Studio
Monica Backström / Kosta Boda

Welcome to the Landborg Gallery. Art glass and glass gallery.

Landborg Gallery in Vickleby has closed.

The gallery was open from 2004 to 2017 and did show handicraft, particularly art glass. At the summer exhibitions unique pieces of glass and ceramics by both Swedish and international artists were shown.

Landborg Gallery  is still existing on the internet and you are welcome to visit our webb gallery at

 Gun and Gunnar Lennerstrand



  The factory was founded in 1895 for window glass production. It was closed 1921 but re-opened in 1927 when William Stenberg bought the factory and in 1927 started to make glass in iron molds...


Sven Palmqvist, painter and glass designer, born 1906, died in 1984. He was working at the Orrefors glass factory in the period 1927 to 1972. He started in the drawing studio but soon became a...


Berit Johannson was born in Vadstena, Sweden, and she lives and works there. She trained at the College of  Art and Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm and she has also studied in England, Italy and...

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